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You have not been abandoned

Hello lovely people,

Time for another short update, as I certainly have not forgotten you. It’s been a little bit of a struggle getting back to work. I’m using speech recognition as we speak, which is working surprisingly well.

Although many people have recommended it to me, I was a little too stubborn to try this at first. I never believed it would work very well, thinking it would misinterpret all my words. But Windows 7 speech recognition works rather great, which is mostly surprising as I am not a native English speaker.

Back to my struggle, my hands are still not functioning properly. Plus, the pressure is rising for my graduation project. I finally have a date for my thesis defense, which will be the 12th of March. This means that all the hours I can work will be channeled towards my graduation project and not to fun the DIY projects.

But of course I can’t give up these projects completely (addict maybe?). I recently made my first scarf from a cute polka dot fabric, which I will show you soon. And of course, mom has still been working hard on building new inventory. These new plushies will soon be added to our store, so check back regularly.  

That’s it for now. I still have some great ideas for this blog, but I’m going to have to put them on the shelf for a little longer. Please stay stuned. :)

~ Marijke


2 thoughts on “You have not been abandoned

  1. I was just wondering about you a few days ago. I hope things go smoothly over the next few months for you!

    1. Thank you Susan! :) hopefully I can post a bit more now that I’m getting used to working with speech recognition. :)

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