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The final result of a request for a purple and green heart ornament!

Last weekend, my mom and I set out to create the custom heart plushie for the winner of the giveaway: Vicki. Her choice of colours was green and purple and we looooove this combination! Now I could make this a lengthy post, but I’ll keep it to some pretty photos of a part of the process and of course the end result. :) 
First up is deciding which fabrics to use. After a little debate we decided to add a bit of pinkish colours and some more flowers! The purple polka dot fabric is for the back of the little heart plush.
Choosing fabrics!
But, if you’ve seen any of our previous heart ornaments, you know there’s more than a few fabrics to it. The next step is deciding which ribbons to use and of course deciding on the total outlay of the heart.
Brainstorming for which ribbons to use and where to add the details. This photo does not show the final results of the brainstorm. ;) 

 After making a final decision on the fabrics and ribbons, the sewing started. I won’t bore you with photos of the actual sewing and stuffing process, but we’ll jump straight to the end result!

TADA! A custom heart ornament for Vicki! :)
And just look at all the yummy fabrics waiting for their turn…! 
(And you only see a small selection right now)

Well, what do you guys think? Pretty? Please let us know!
Also, if you would like a custom heart of your own, or if you’d like anything else from our little shop, we are offering a 20% discount until June 24th if you use “GIVEAWAY20” when ordering on Etsy. :) 

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