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The adventures of Dennis the starry giraffe

There once was a starry blue giraffe named Dennis. He led a quiet joyful life together with his other critter friends down in Mippoos town, but deep down Dennis knew was he born for greater adventures!

Little Dennis spent hours in his days daydreaming about becoming an explorer of the world, perhaps living on a deserted island for awhile or maybe even fighting a dragon some day! Ha, he sure felt courageous enough for it. But starry Dennis knew it would always stay a dream, nothing excitingly dangerous ever happened in Mippoos town!

Then one day, the village eldest had a message. Someone across wild waters needed Mippoos’ softiness and love and she was looking for a volunteer. “ME!” shouted Dennis, while all the other critters looked at him in amazement. “How brave!” muttered Scottie the dog.

“An adventure across waters, how exciting!” was all Dennis could think in the hours before his departure. The eldest told him he would be flying. Can you image that, a flying giraffe? Dennis sure could. But he would be in complete darkness during his travelling, “for his own protection”, the eldest said. And off he was sent, with sturdy walls surrounding him on his travels!

Dennis had no idea of time anymore, but he didn’t mind because he was actually quite comfortable is his protective cage. Not quite the exciting adventure he had had in mind. But suddenly he could feel something (or someone!) moving his cage and he was tumbling and stumbling within it! Oh no, what’s happening?

Dennis could also hear a load roaring noise and yes, sure enough.. he could feel he was going up in the air! His protective cage was also becoming cold and… Dennis became a little afraid. He’d had enough of this darkness and wanted out! He longed for someone to hold him and cuddle him! Dennis was exhausted and he felt alone and cold in his box.

starry giraffe wings

“I can fly!”, Dennis shouted while flapping his gorgeous purpley wings! Below him were wild waves and the wind was blowing strong. Above him were dark clouds and rain was pouring down on him. But none of that mattered, because brave Dennis was flying! And sure enough he could see land before him. With even more power he flapped his wings, soaring at high speed towards his destination!

Dennis’ eyes hurt. What’s with all the light? He must have fallen asleep. After a few moments of blinking his eyes, he noticed something, someone, looming over him. His protective cage was opened! After taking another good look, he saw two twinkling eyes and a friendly, warm smile. Two hands reached for him and before he knew it he was in a warm and loving embrace.

Dennis nowadays settles for daydreaming about great adventures. His big adventure across waters was enough for a lifetime! He prefers to play with his two new best friends, Puddles the duck and Dave the rhino. He loves offering them rides around on his back, which makes him feel big and strong! For all Dave and Puddles know, Dennis really did fly across the waters!

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  1. Dennis has asked me to send you a photo… I will do so over the next few days ;-)

    1. Ohh I’m curious now! Would love to see more photos of Dennis and his friends!! :)

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