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Rediscovering my creativity

The title says it all… I’m really rediscovering my creativity! As kid I loved to do all sorts of crafty things, with my greatest passion for drawing. When I went to high school I stopped with most of these, except drawing and I loved our arts classes. In my last two years of high school I was not allowed to choose drawing as a subject anymore, because I already had biology as an extra subject (which I loved too). So.. I quit. Not deliberately of course, but other activities gradually took over. And then I went to university, more specifically Industrial Design, where I hoped my creativity could bloom again. Continue reading Rediscovering my creativity

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Getting ready for a sewing adventure!

Last Monday I introduced you to my first sewing project, a plushie squirrel. Hand sewing this critter was quite the challenge, but I was happy with the result. And although hand sewing is an enjoyable exercise, it was time for me to buy a sewing machine. No sooner said than done I was off to Ikea last Monday evening.

I hear you thinking “a sewing machine at Ikea?”. Continue reading Getting ready for a sewing adventure!

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Making your own fabric labels or loop tags DIY

One of our stuffed giraffes now with a loop tag!

Are you one of those crafters who goes “oh, I want those too!!” whenever you see a pretty label on a handmade item? I know I am, especially cute for our stuffed animals. But ordering them must be expensive, right? Continue reading Making your own fabric labels or loop tags DIY

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Origin of Mippoos

Sewing, stitching, crocheting, quilting, knitting.. I’m just trying to remember all the things my mom has done or is still doing! The first time I fell in love with something my mom made, was when I was only about 18 months old and she sewed me a soft and cute hippo plush, including a ballet tutu, dress and pajamas. I named her Nelleke (a very Dutch name), but often pronounced it more like Mel-lik, which is actually where the M from Mippoos originates.

Mip·po [Mip-oh]
noun, plural Mip·poos. Informal.
A cute species of plush hippo,
first discovered in the Netherlands in 1989. Continue reading Origin of Mippoos