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A teeny tiny laptop for my brother

First up, thank you for visiting our new website! It’s still work in progress, so don’t be surprised when things look different next time you visit. ;)¬†Due to all this work and the fact that I’ll be off to Pukkelpop (music festival) tomorrow until Sunday, there will only be this small blog post this week.

It’s my latest FIMO polymer clay creation and I’ve made it for my brother’s 27th birthday. Continue reading A teeny tiny laptop for my brother

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Rediscovering my creativity

The title says it all… I’m really rediscovering my creativity! As kid I loved to do all sorts of crafty things, with my greatest passion for drawing. When I went to high school I stopped with most of these, except drawing and I loved our arts classes. In my last two years of high school I was not allowed to choose drawing as a subject anymore, because I already had biology as an extra subject (which I loved too). So.. I quit. Not deliberately of course, but other activities gradually took over. And then I went to university, more specifically Industrial Design, where I hoped my creativity could bloom again. Continue reading Rediscovering my creativity