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Polymer clay fun: Mippoos earrings and pendant

It’s been crazy busy the last few weeks so I have hardly been able to try out new stuff. One goal I did set was to create another set of polymer clay Mippoos earrings and pendant, but this time for our shop and not just for myself. Up till now, we’ve been selling all my mom’s hard work and nothing made by my hands yet (I’m still busy learning to sew, though!). Continue reading Polymer clay fun: Mippoos earrings and pendant

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New creations: expanding inventory?

Today I will be showing you my latest creations, earrings and a plushie, and a new cute plushie made by mom!
Last Monday I already showed you my little Mippo charm, made from polymer clay. Last evening I also made matching earrings! Their gloss varnish is drying as we speak, so I’ll add some photos of me wearing them next time. :) Continue reading New creations: expanding inventory?