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The adventures of Dennis the starry giraffe

There once was a starry blue giraffe named Dennis. He led a quiet joyful life together with his other critter friends down in Mippoos town, but deep down Dennis knew was he born for greater adventures!

Little Dennis spent hours in his days daydreaming about becoming an explorer of the world, perhaps living on a deserted island for awhile or maybe even fighting a dragon some day! Ha, he sure felt courageous enough for it. But starry Dennis knew it would always stay a dream, nothing excitingly dangerous ever happened in Mippoos town!

Then one day, the village eldest had a message. Someone across wild waters needed Mippoos’ softiness and love and she was looking for a volunteer. “ME!” shouted Dennis, while all the other critters looked at him in amazement. “How brave!” muttered Scottie the dog. Continue reading The adventures of Dennis the starry giraffe