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Kids gift guide: 30 gorgeous handmade European kids items

kids gift guide donkey plushieGorgeous kids items are being handmade all over Europe. Today we’ll be showcasing our favourite items from shops from the European Kids Team on Etsy.

Last Monday we announced some exciting news: we’ve joined our first group sale! From October 1 up to October 15 you can use the couponEuropeanKidsSale for a 15% discount in participating shops from the European Kids Team, including our shop! All showcased shops are participating, clicking on an image will lead you to the selling shop! For more information about the group sale, click here

Remember, the coupon code “EuropeanKidsSale” for 15% discount is only valid until October 15th! Hurry up and go explore all participating shops! :)

Of course, we should not forget our own items. These are the three latest additions to our shop:

Great talent can be found worldwide, but we’re happy to show a little bit of European craftmanship today!

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