Green floral doll pajamas for our stuffed hippos


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Aren’t these the happiest of doll overalls? Specially made for our stuffed hippos! Our dolls are so much fun to play with. And can you image playing in the garden, climbing monkey bars together, going on adventures.. can you picture it? These overalls are the ideal play outfit!

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Cute green floral doll pajamas

These cute green floral doll pajamas are for our unique stuffed hippo dress up dolls! It is one of a kind and fits our hippopotamuses snugly. It has two real pockets on the front, which are perfect hiding spots for secret notes!

These PJs have a green floral print and a trim made of a very light blue/green polka dot fabric, light green ribbon and blue lace. This sleep set is completely unique, as we won’t be making a second set just like this!

Expanding a doll’s wardrobe

Plus, did you know that expanding a doll’s wardrobe is a perfect way to keep your child’s imaginative mind stimulated, keeping a toy novel?

Above all, every outfit we make for our dolls is unique. We just love making fresh combinations of pretty patterns and colorful trims and ribbons.


And what child doesn’t love to play dress up with dolls?  The pjs are made from 100% cotton fabrics. The jacket closes with two buttons, which means this piece of clothing is not suitable for children under 3 years. The trousers fit snugly with the help of elastics in the binding. These PJs allow easy dressing and undressing by children’s hands. Also, we finish all seams with a serger, guaranteeing high quality seams which will not fray.

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