Beige basic hippo animal doll in cute white undies


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This beige basic soft doll is the perfect stuffed animal to become that much loved first dress up doll. How could you not love him in his cute white undies? Combine this doll with one or more of our one-of-a-kind doll outfits for endless hours of playing fun!

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Chubby and cute: this beige hippo animal doll is waiting to meet its new best friend! Dressed in adorable white undies, this dress up doll is the perfect gift for loved ones and will last throughout childhood (and beyond). And you can combine this doll with one or more of our one-of-a-kind doll outfits for endless hours of playing fun.

We sew every doll with an eye for detail and make them from quality fabrics.

Size and materials

The soft doll is handmade of 100% cotton fabrics. Its white underpants contain elastics, which ensure a snug fit around the waist en chubby legs. It measures approximately 17″ high and 16″ wide (43 x 40 cm). Both the plush hippo and its underwear are machine-washable when using a delicate cycle program. The hippo is filled with polyester fiberfill. Its body is made of cotton corduroy, which is a durable fabric and very suitable for toys.

Basic hippo soft dolls

Next to our one of a kind hippo soft dolls, each with a unique disposition, we also offer these ‘basic’ soft dolls in the cutest white undies you’ve ever seen. You can combine these cuties with any doll outfit to create the perfect keepsake gift for your loved ones!

Doll outfits

Love our dolls but can’t find the perfect outfit available in our shop? Please don’t hesitate to contact us about a custom order. We love bringing your ideas to life!


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