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Preparing for craft fair

Mom and I are so excited: next Sunday will be our first fair! We will be joining the FeelGood Market in Klokgebouw, Eindhoven (entrance is free!). You can check out the website here (unfortunately it’s only available in Dutch). This fair is full of design, art, fashion, vintage, jewellery, lifestyle, kids stuff, (bio) food and more. Mippoos hopefully fits right in. ;)

When we first signed up, we were afraid we would not be able to fill the 4x1m stall, but perhaps we underestimated our inventory a little bit…

plushies, stuffed animals plushies, stuffed animals

These two photos only show a part of our collection of plushies (I forgot there will still a few downstairs), plus they don’t show the wonderful kids/doll furniture my mom also creates. I’ll be sure to make photos of our actual stall as well this Sunday!

We’ve also spent time on creating pretty price tags and new business cards. We figured making these ourselves from our own little printer would be worth the effort, but I do think it will more efficient to order them next time.

price tags business cardsAlso, we’ve got a new animal plushie: a donkey! Do you agree that the price tag looks extra cute due to all the yellows?donkey plushie, stuffed donkey

What do you think, should we add the donkey to our online shop as well? :)


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