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A teeny tiny laptop for my brother

First up, thank you for visiting our new website! It’s still work in progress, so don’t be surprised when things look different next time you visit. ;) Due to all this work and the fact that I’ll be off to Pukkelpop (music festival) tomorrow until Sunday, there will only be this small blog post this week.

It’s my latest FIMO polymer clay creation and I’ve made it for my brother’s 27th birthday.A teeny tiny macbook, because well.. he’s a bit of a geek! I gave it to him in a match box, but I forgot to take a photo of the final result. OOPS. But I hope you get the idea from these pre-oven photos! :) Perhaps I’ll add some photos of the final laptop if my brother has some time to make these!

polymer clay laptop
A teeny tiny laptop from polymer clay

Fun gift for a geek or not?


6 thoughts on “A teeny tiny laptop for my brother

  1. He will love it! So cute!

    1. Thank you! He does like it! And he promised to make some photos of the end result too so I can still show it here. :)

  2. Feel free to tell me I’m being annoying with my polymer suggestions at any time. I dont write about it much, but I’m seasoned with it and learned lots of lessons the hard way! I promise, if you tell me shut up about it, I will. :)

    First of all, YES! I think it is a great and very cute gift. Your brother should love it.

    Tip: Find a polymer clay blade. Almost all craft stores sell them and they run about $4.00 USD with coupons and sales. It is basically a very long razor and is a great way to get nice straight cuts by pressing it straight down into the clay for the length of the item you want to cut. You can use one in conjunction with any thing that has a 90 degree angle and make perfect squares and rectangles. There’s about a zilion other things you can do with it to. :)

    1. Hi Susan,
      Thanks for the comment! Your suggestions are never annoying, but more than welcome! :)
      I just bought a polymer clay blade last weekend, yay! But.. what do you suggest as working top? I also bought a roller, but my clay sticks to the placemat I’m currently using. Trying to peel my clay off leads to distorted shapes again. :( More suggestions are welcome! :)

      1. Just remembered to check up on this! WP doesn’t email comment follow-ups so sometimes I lose things!

        I use a few things. Sometimes I’ll use glass I pulled out of an old frame and other times I’ll use a ceramic tile I picked up at the hardware store for a buck or two. You can pull it up by sliding the knife under it, but I typically don’t pull it up at all! I just put the glass or tile right in the oven with the clay and once it cooks, it no longer sticks. The side that touches the glass will come out shiny. There are two ways to solve that – 1. sand it or 2. put it on a piece of paper or cotton batting between the clay and the glass before going in the oven.

        Yeah, you’ll be amazed the things you’ll bake! :D

  3. Oh ceramic tiles are a great idea..! I thought it would still stick after cooking, but great to know it won’t. I was going to try it anyway as soon as I had something flat enough that can also go in the oven. ;) Thank you so much for the tips!

    I’m already amazed by the comments I receive on the Mippo earrings and pendant haha!

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