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Polymer clay fun: Mippoos earrings and pendant

It’s been crazy busy the last few weeks so I have hardly been able to try out new stuff. One goal I did set was to create another set of polymer clay Mippoos earrings and pendant, but this time for our shop and not just for myself. Up till now, we’ve been selling all my mom’s hard work and nothing made by my hands yet (I’m still busy learning to sew, though!).

You might recognize the yellow set of earrings and pendant; I’ve showed you these quite some weeks ago. I’ve been wearing this set for a quite a bit now and I’ve had lovely comments on it! Plus, they still look great. I was afraid the little ears might chip off and I’d been told that some types of varnish discolour due to wearing on the skin. None of this happened, they passed the test, yay! :D

mippoos hippo polymer clay earrings and pendantThis pink set will be added to our shop in the near future, but I first need to find a place to buy chains to go with the pendant. I don’t really like the cheaper ones because they get discoloured so quickly. I might invest in some silver chains. What would you prefer: a cheaper, less durable, chain or a little more expensive silver chain? 

Also, did you notice I improved the design of the hippo earrings? The yellow ones look a bit too much like little bears (gathering from the comments I received ;) ). The pink ones resemble our Mippoos better, right? I’ve also considered adding a little bow to the pendant Mippo, maybe a bright green one? Or maybe make a green set and give the pendant Mippo a pink bow tie! So many possibilities, so little time!

I’d love to known what you think of this new set. Would you wear it? 



2 thoughts on “Polymer clay fun: Mippoos earrings and pendant

  1. They look great! I would choose a nicer chain and a higher price. :)

    1. Thank you Susan! I’ll invest some time this weekend in searching for nicer chains :)

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