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Pink and grey baby nursery ideas

No, I’m not expecting nor will I probably be anywhere in the near future.. but I love so many of the baby nurseries ideas I come across on Pinterest and Etsy. So I decided to share the most gorgeous pink and grey nursery ideas and items I could find!

Baby Nurseries

More photos of this nursery can be found here (they are at the end of post). I love this simple style and especially the grey and white striped wall!

This nursery is not strictly grey and pink, but also has some blue and green and other colours going on. Details of this room are just pretty.

Sweet nursery, perhaps a little bit more pink than grey. ;) Especially that fluffy pillow.. my first thought was similar to that of little Agnes in Despicable Me “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna DIE”!

Gorgeous how everything matches in this nursery. And the details.. just look at that cute plushie. :)

Nursery Decoration Items

There are quite a few adorable items to find which will fit perfectly in a pink and grey nursery. I just picked out a few to show you and hopefully give you some inspiration. click on them to go to shop selling these. :) (I might’ve thrown in 1 or 2 of our items, shhhh)

Tell us what you think

What do you think of grey and pink nurseries? What did/does your baby nursery look like? Or what would be your perfect colours for a nursery? Please leave a comment telling us what you think! :)

2 thoughts on “Pink and grey baby nursery ideas

  1. I was just admiring these rooms would you have any idea on where the decor comes from? Pillows and bumpers etc?

  2. Hi Jodi!

    Have you checked out the links to the websites where I originally found these inspirational images? For instance, the room with the pink ruffle pillows on does list some sources. If the referral links don’t give this information, I won’t be able to help much further unfortunately. Although you can always check out ; there are a lot of great sellers who sell similar items! :)


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