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Pingu design challenge: FINAL results

Two weeks ago, Josje (a friend) and I decided on doing design challenges. Mostly because she’s very creative, but often at a loss for what to create and well.. I can always use an extra source of inspiration! As I already wrote two weeks ago, we chose Pingu as our inspiration source! Last Monday I already showed you my result, a stuffed penguin with oversized feet.

Today it’s time to show you the (overly) cute creation of Josje: Pinga, Pingu’s little sister! She created Pinga out of polymer clay and I’ve added a photo with  50 eurocents coin for size comparison.

pinga the penguinpinga the polymer clay penguin 50 euro cents

Today’s photos were actually made on of our office chairs with my phone, since I didn’t have enough time to make better photographs. But the red works out quite charming doesn’t it?

Josje is also still working on a felt pinguin, also too tiny for her own good; I’ll share the result as soon as it’s finished. But we need to decide on a new theme for the next challenge. So far we’ve got Winnie the Pooh or Christmas, but do you a great suggestion for our design challenge? Please leave a post if you do!

I leave you with a photo of Josje’s polymer clay penguin Pinga and my stuffed Penguin inspired by Pingu.
stuffed penguin and polymer clay penguin

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