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New creations: expanding inventory?

Today I will be showing you my latest creations, earrings and a plushie, and a new cute plushie made by mom!
Last Monday I already showed you my little Mippo charm, made from polymer clay. Last evening I also made matching earrings! Their gloss varnish is drying as we speak, so I’ll add some photos of me wearing them next time. :)

My other project was to sew another cute stuffed animal by a pattern by matsutake (click on the photo to go to the pattern). After make three little stuffed squirrels I wanted a new challenge. ;)

Figuring out how to sew a pattern the right way is already becoming a little bit more easier. And considering this is only the fourth plushie I’ve ever sewn, it’s not too bad, right? :) I did miss a little piece of fabric when sewing its head (see the close up picture) and one of its ears is partly inside out. The yellow floral fabric is a little more faded on one side, but with bad lighting I completely overlooked the fact that I forgot to turn it around. Oh well.. :) I should buy some better lighting haha!

The original pattern showes the fox with its tail up, but I didn’t stuff it enough (I guess) for it to be very sturdy around the attachment of the tail. Therefore, I like him better with his tail in front of him and I’m probably going to sew its tail to its belly so the littly guy can also stand on its own. What do you think, tail up or down?

And, as promised, one of my mom’s latest creations: also a fox plushie! But I do think this one is much more adorable, don’t you agree? ;)

More importantly, I would like your feedback on the Mippo earrings and pendant/charm. Do you think these fit in with the rest of (my mom’s) creations in our shop? I won’t be putting my lilac stuffed fox in our shop, simply because it’s not my own design, but I’m seriously considering creating a few pairs of earrings and pendants to put up for sale. :)

3 thoughts on “New creations: expanding inventory?

  1. Adorable earrings, and I love the fox! He’s cute with his tail in any positioin!

    1. Hi Daphne! Thanks for the comment. :) I’m planning on designing my own patterns soon, but I will certainly keep this one in mind. But we don’t want to sell plushies directly from someone else’s design. Always try to stay original ^.^

  2. Ok, typo on the word, “position” in that last comment….excuse my typing…

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