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Mippoland’s prehistory: Manny the caveman Mippo

Did you know it was Manny the Mippo who discovered fire? Read on about how his rock collection and his clumsiness lead to the discovery of fire in prehistoric times! A cute short story about a hippo caveman.

The discovery of fire

Manny the Mippo lived in a time long before Mippoland was founded.
In these prehistoric times, there were no cozy homes near the Dutch windmills. The Mippoos lived in cold dark caves! Until that one fortunate day…. (well, fortunate for the Mippoos, not so fortunate for Manny)

Manny the Mippo had always been interested in rocks. Any rock; big, small, colorful, sharp, dull. He collected them all! Then one day he found this curious new stone, grey and white, and both smooth and rough.

Now we should mention that Manny wasn’t the most clever of all. In fact, you could call him rather clumsy. While studying his latest find, glistening of the sun caught his eye. Just a few steps in front of him was a big rock, which had a particular shiny silver glow. This he had to see up close!

But unfortunate Manny forgot to look at what was in between, and oops… it was this plain little rock, but it would turn out pretty mean. Manny tripped and fell, and let out a little shriek!

But little did he know, the stone he held in his hand was a flint and that glistening rock? It was a piece of ironstone! And sure enough, right next to it was some timber. So before Manny realised he hurt his knee, there was this spark and then … fire! Oh what a wonderful thing to see!

That’s the true story about the discovery of fire. And for years, Mippoos would tell the story of how Manny the caveman Mippo and his clumsiness turned the cold caves into cozy and comfy homes!

(Much to Manny’s dismay, as he felt rather ashamed of his awkward ways)

Manny is looking for his forever home

If you’d like to find out more about him, please visit him here (opens in a new window).

Mippo hippo doll in caveman outfit
When was Manny the Mippo born?!

We’d love to know what you think of this short story! Should we do more stories or more illustrations/cartoons, or both? 

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  1. I love the story of Manny the caveman Mippo. Personally, I would like to see more stories that go along with your mippoos. It makes them come alive.

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