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Macy the Mippo

handmade hippo dress up doll

Meet Macy the Mippo: she’s completely obsessed with fashion and spends her days designing outfits, sewing and dreaming of one day becoming a big fashion designer in Paris. “Wouldn’t it be awesome to see a catwalk full of my designs?”

Her fashion idol is Jackie Kennedy, and you can often hear Macy say: “Simply love Jackie’s style!”. Macy’s pink blouse and pink floral skirt are her favorite outfit, because, in her own words, it’s simple but sophisticated. Plus, she loves this skirt because it has pockets, which makes it super practical (Macy is always ‘misplacing’ her smartphone, and who can live without those nowadays??).

So Macy has got this beautiful green fabric and is wondering what to make…

Macy the mippo hippo watercolor illustration fashion
“What to make with this gorgeous green fabric?” Macy wonders.

Do you have any suggestions what Macy could make out of this fun fabric? Let Macy know by leaving a comment and check back soon to find out what she made!

In the meanwhile, if you’d like to know more about Macy, you can click here to find her in our Etsy shop (link opens in a new window).

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