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Macy and the perfect dress

Colorful hippo illustration proud look at her sewing creation

So Macy was afraid to ruin that beautiful green fabric and she needed the perfect idea for what to make. But trying to fit on the fabric herself got her all wrapped up! You can read about it in our previous stories post. It was then when inspiration hit her… 

The perfect dress

Being all tangled up in the fabric made her look like a mummy, so why not make the perfect mummy dress?! When Macy finally unwrapped herself she felt confident enough to turn her idea into reality. And after some attempts to make it look pretty, she finally came up with the idea to make it into a v-neck dress with a beautiful big bow. Bows are always Macy’s favourite clothes accessory. Or flowers. Actually flowers and bows are tied for first place.

Colorful hippo illustration of Macy the Mippo looking proudly at her mummy dress
Macy the Mippo finally got the perfect idea: a mummy dress!

Macy is already thinking of the perfect moment to wear the dress herself. Would it be too dressy to wear to the office? Maybe it could be a non-traditional wedding dress? Or it’d be fun for just a night out! Oh, the possibilities…

What do you think of Macy’s design? Would you wear it?
Please leave a reply, because Macy would love to know what you think!
(and mom and I would love to know what you think of Macy’s story! – Marijke)


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