Inspiration hits Macy

28 July 2017
full view watercolor illustration of macy the mippo wrapped in green fabric

Well, Macy definitely got herself all wrapped up! But how did it happen?

Macy spent hours thinking about that lovely green fabric:
“What to make, what to make? I’m so afraid to start cutting the fabric, I might just ruin it before I get the perfect idea for what to make!”

Will it be a dainty dress? A sweet skirt? A sporty jumpsuit? Even dressing her mannequin didn’t make Macy feel more inspired.

Then Macy says: “Oh, I know! I’ll try the fabric on myself before cutting it. That way I won’t ruin this marvelous material and I’m sure inspiration will hit me when seeing myself dressed in it!”

And sooner said than done, Macy began dressing herself with the fabric… But the material is too long and soon she knocks over her mannequin and before she knows it she gets completely wrapped in by the fabric!

And that’s when it hit her…
(Both inspiration AND the mannequin on her little toe, OUCH)

[To be continued] 



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