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I’m back!

Well, kinda. I can do some computer work again. Most importantly, I can use a computer mouse again! Before the surgery I could only use one for about 5 minutes. MAX. This morning I’ve already been working a little bit and after almost 2 hours: still no pain to my hand or wrist! YAY! 

But I said ‘kinda’, because there is a small ditch in the road. Due to the scar on my hand, some adhesion problems have come up. The scar tissue has actually caused an attachment of my skin tissue to the tendons of my index and middle finger, which means I can not stretch these fully or bend my hand completely. Not because it’s painful as such, but simply because I physically can not make these motions right now. Unfortunately, this means I will be visiting a physiotherapist weekly for the upcoming weeks to massage the scar tissue away (and yes, that IS painful).

Despite the small complication, the recovery is going way faster than I ever expected and I will be back to work in January. Which also means I can work on our blog again! :) I’ll use the Christmas holiday to brainstorm on which topic I’ll use to kick of the new year.

For now, I’d like to wish you all happy holidays! Enjoy all the festivities and make sure you start 2014 the best way you possibly can!

Christrmas Mippo

Or as we say in Dutch:
Vrolijk kerstfeest en een gelukkig nieuwjaar!


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