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Hippo phone pouch!

It was a cold, dark evening and I was all alone. Wind howling and rain falling, even our not-so-friendly-cat curled up in a ball in my lap looking for warmth. A perfect night for…

Crafting while sitting comfy on the couch! And what did I make? A Mippo phone case from felt. It has been on my to-do-list for so long (my old phone pouch was literally falling apart). The basics are simple: measure your phone and a little extra to accomodate the thickness of your phone.

crafting felt phone caseAfter some initial sketches, I figured I could cut the shape of its head from the back piece of felt. Sure looks like he has big brains, right? ;) Certainly in need of some adjustment! Plus, I didn’t completely figure out how to attach ears beforehand, hoping inspiration would struck on the go. Well, since he turned out a little too big-brained I figured I could use the extra bit of felt for ears. TADA:

felt phone pouch hippoBut how to open and close it? (I cheated on the photo above, I used a safety pin to keep its head down. Without it, the grey felt would just stay straight.) Initially I wanted to add a button and ribbon to be able to open and close it, but how to hide the stitches used to attach the ribbon?

Then inspiration (i.e. family input ;) ) hit! Use velcro and hide it. Somehow. Doesn’t really solve the problem of stitches showing, right? Add a bowtie to hide the stitches in the design!

hippo phone pouch hippo phone case insideI’m awesome at pretty stitches, especially when viewing the back. Right? Be honest, I can handle the truth…

So, it’s made from felt. I don’t really have much experience with felt. I know a little about the wool blend versus synthetic felt, but I bought my felt awhile ago and don’t have the packaging anymore so I have no idea what kind of felt I used. I’ll be testing the phone sleeve the upcoming weeks to see how this felt survives and mom and I will be investing in quality felt, because I think this one is cute enough for our shop, right? After I learn how to make prettier stitches though ;)

mippo phone pouch

What do you think is a reasonable lifetime for a felt phone pouch? Or how long would you expect it to last if you were to buy one? Please leave an answer in a comment, thank you!



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