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Getting ready for a sewing adventure!

Last Monday I introduced you to my first sewing project, a plushie squirrel. Hand sewing this critter was quite the challenge, but I was happy with the result. And although hand sewing is an enjoyable exercise, it was time for me to buy a sewing machine. No sooner said than done I was off to Ikea last Monday evening.

I hear you thinking “a sewing machine at Ikea?”. Exactly my thought when I found out about the SY sewing machine while surfing the net. It’s cheap (€79.95 or $69.99 USD) and apparantly not bad at all. Although reviews are somewhat contradicting on whether it is a good machine for a beginner, I figured I would give this one a try. Mostly because I can afford this one. ;) Also important, my mom gave me her blessing for buying this little cute machine. And for those who are not regular to our blog: my mom creates all our lovely items for Mippoos and up till now I only helped with the creative process a little and mostly focused on all online aspects. But hopefully I can now start learning how to sew and help build inventory.

IKEA SY sewing machine
The SY sewing machine has been sitting in its box since Monday, due to a lack of time these last few days. As soon as I finish this blog post, I’m going to rush home and unpack it! Can’t wait to see if I can make some cuties with this machine :) I’ll be sure to give you an update in our next blog post on Monday, so do check back again!
My sewing kit :)
For now I will leave you with a few photos of my creations of the last few days. A Mippo head made with air-drying clay, a little giraffe made with FIMO polymer clay and of course my cute critter the squirrel plushie! I included a coffee cup for some size reference. :)
Your help is welcome in naming the stuffed squirrel! As he is my first plushie creation ever, he deserves a great name. What would you suggest? Please feel welcome to leave a suggestion in the comments!

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