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FeelGood Market

Yesterday we had our first craft fair experience with Mippoos at the FeelGood Market in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. We were really lucky with the weather and people were very friendly but unfortunately it was not a success for us (let’s just say we didn’t make enough money to get our costs back).

The good thing, however, is that we were able to hand out quite a few business cards and people signed up for our newsletter. Plus, we’ve got quite a bit of inventory to add to our Etsy store now! We’ll be working hard at photographing and listing those new plushies in the upcoming two weeks, so do check back regularly.

And thank you for those visited us yesterday (in Dutch):
Heel erg bedankt voor alle complimenten die we hebben mogen ontvangen! We vonden de FeelGood Market gezellig. Helaas was het voor ons geen succesverhaal gisteren, maar we zouden het leuk vinden als jullie een kijkje nemen in onze digitale webshop op Etsy: Mippoos !

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