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Designing plushies: a stuffed aardvark!

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A little while ago I asked our Facebook friends what stuffed animal we should be making next. Someone suggested an aardvark, which I immediately put on my to do list. Since I’m new to sewing, I took the pattern for the squirrel plushie I made earlier and did some sketching to get to a new pattern. No idea whether this aardvark plushie would work out the way I planned, but hey.. not bad, right?

plushie aardvark, aardvark plushie, stuffed animal aardvark

stuffed animal aardvark

aardvark plushie

pattern plushie aardvark


Any suggestions for a new animal I should try? :) I’ll be making the plush aardvark again to practice more and I’ll be changing the pattern a bit (e.g. the forehead piece is too broad and not long enough). I’ll also enlarge it to make work a little easier and when I’m more satisfied with the pattern I’ll also ask mom to have a go at it.. and who knows, it might end up in our shop. ;)


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  1. I have tried to design a cargo plushie many times but my size ratio has gone wrong always. my next target is to design a Dinosaur plushie in the precise manner.

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