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Day-to-day marketing action plan for a small business

A few weeks back I promised you I would share any new insights mom and I gained from our new business and marketing plan. Last Monday, we already wrote about the ordeal of pricing your beloved handmade items. A small recap: most handmade creations are grossly undervalued and it is difficult to set and sell and the right price and we had to increase our prices to be able to keep going (scary!!).

Today I’d like to share my social media planning with you. The reason I wrote this day-to-day planning is mostly to save time, be more productive but also for discipline (oh how I love to browse Pinterest for hours! Or I can get lost on Facebook, Twitter or the forums on Etsy…). I really need to force myself to stop in time and saying e.g. I should pin a maximum of 5-8 pins a day works. Also, in the long haul, these set tasks will help me teach my mom about social media.

By no means will I state this is THE list; it is MY list. But I sincerely hope some of you will get inspired by this and that it will help you find a daily rhythm in the rocking world of social media. ;)

 A day-to-day action plan: tasks to make your day more manageable! Oh, and psst, the cutie in this picture will soon be added to our shop!



☐ Answer convos
☐ Comment/heart/pin treasuries
☐ Teams – comment on two threads (different teams)
☐ Share 1 listing in 2 threads (in one of the teams I’m in, usually in a topic “Share 1, favourite 5”)


☐ Schedule 2 updates per day
☐ Check notifications, answer comments, thank likes, answer messages


☐ Schedule 5-8 tweets (listing, old blog post, latest blog post, blog posts from others)
☐ Retweet 2-4 interesting tweets
☐ Respond to retweets, mentions
☐ Follow 2 new profiles


☐ Pin 5-10 to our boards
☐ Repin 2 to group boards
☐ Pin new listing (if applicable)
☐ Pin latest blog post


☐ Share Facebook posts with all followers
☐ Comment/+1 on 3 posts (and pin them if there are interesting images)
☐ Share newest blog post
☐ Share newest listing (if applicable)


☐ Promote latest post
☐ Answer comments
☐ Write 1 blog post (for now only on Mondays and Thursdays, if I have time on the other days I try to prepare the posts)


I usually plan these weekly tasks on one day of the week and try to stick to that planning, although I still often end up doing these weekly tasks more than strictly necessary (according to my own planning ;) ).


☐ Make 2 treasuries
☐ Minimal 3 New listing / renew listing
☐ Keyword optimization: revamp two least performing listings


☐ Like 5 new fanpages
☐ Comment on each fanpage
☐ Contact 3 pages for exchanged share of FB page or share blog post
☐ Schedule topics for posts throughout week


☐ Send a tweet to 3-5 new profiles about blog/shop


☐ Follow 3 new accounts according to target market
☐ Follow 1 target market specific board


☐ Follow 2 pages in niche and leave a comment (not necessarily about own blog/shop)


☐ Comment on 5 other blogs in niche
☐ Find 2 new blogs in niche and comment

That’s it for now. I will probably change it throughout the upcoming weeks when I have used this planning a little bit more. I am also considering adding Tumblr and/or StumbleUpon to the list, but I have to figure those out first and decide whether I have enough time to add these to the planning. The tasks I’ve now shared are not my only daily tasks; I’m also working on my graduation project (should be 40 hours a week, but it is a little bit less) and I also have a small job for 8 hours per week. You can probably guess my week is kind of crowded ;) More the reason to incorporate a planning such as the above! I need discipline (which is greatly lacking right now..) and I love being able to tick one of the boxes. So far (about 10 days now) it’s going OK, I still need a little too much time to complete the tasks so I might need to strike out a few. The daily tasks take about an hour and a half, excluding writing blog posts. Ideally, I want it to be one hour max. :)

We would love to hear about your experiences!
So, what does your day look like? How do you cope with all the marketing aspects of running a (small) business? How do you keep your sanity? ;)

Also, I could not end this post without also introducing you to the youngest Mippo in the family: Maisie the Mippo! Isn’t she a cutie patootie? :)

Plush hippo, hippo plushie, stuffed hippo
“Maisie the Mippo can be a little mischievous but she is also very intelligent. Even though she can look a little smug, she is actually very sweet! Maisie is looking for a new home, hopefully with a young girl who loves to cuddle and play with her. Her pink dress with flowers and peacocks actually has a simple velcro strip at the back, which makes her dress easy to take off. And did you notice the cute red tulle petticoat too?
This red hippo plushie is looking for a final home to be adopted in to. She can be that unique kids gift you’ve been looking for! Maisie is OOAK (one of a kind) and she can make kids of any age happy, she can be a great kids toy for hours of make-believe play. :)”

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