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Day-to-day marketing action plan for a small business

A few weeks back I promised you I would share any new insights mom and I gained from our new business and marketing plan. Last Monday, we already wrote about the ordeal of pricing your beloved handmade items. A small recap: most handmade creations are grossly undervalued and it is difficult to set and sell and the right price and we had to increase our prices to be able to keep going (scary!!).

Today I’d like to share my social media planning with you. Continue reading Day-to-day marketing action plan for a small business

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Pink and grey baby nursery ideas

No, I’m not expecting nor will I probably be anywhere in the near future.. but I love so many of the baby nurseries ideas I come across on Pinterest and Etsy. So I decided to share the most gorgeous pink and grey nursery ideas and items I could find! Continue reading Pink and grey baby nursery ideas

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Reevaluating prices for handmade

If you have any experience in pricing your handmade items, you know it is a very difficult task and most people (yes we were and still are guilty too) underprice their hard work. When we first started, I did a lot of research to try and correctly price my mom’s creations, but the most common formula generated verydaunting prices. In the end, we priced our items according to other ‘similar’ items on Etsy (while only looking at similar-sized plushies and not techniques) and by trying to listen to our gut feeling (people can’t be willing to pay THAT much?!).  Continue reading Reevaluating prices for handmade

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Taking our creations to the next level

My mom and I have been on an Etsy adventure for little over three months now. We may not be off to a flying start, but hey, we’re selling! Although, defining ‘a flying start’ does of course depend on the goals you set out. And I don’t think we set any, besides making a sale as soon as possible. So from that point of view, our start couldn’t have been any better. ;) We even had our first custom order from our first return buyer! YAY! She already bought two giraffes for her baby twins, but also wanted to surprise her bigger kids. Only request was to make one for her son in boy-ish colours and no specification for the one for her older daughter. She trusted us on the fabrics, and that was such a great feeling! Especially when we sent her photos of the giraffes and she absolutely loves them! (If you’re interested in a custom giraffe plushie, check this listing ;) ) Continue reading Taking our creations to the next level

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Making your own fabric labels or loop tags DIY

One of our stuffed giraffes now with a loop tag!

Are you one of those crafters who goes “oh, I want those too!!” whenever you see a pretty label on a handmade item? I know I am, especially cute for our stuffed animals. But ordering them must be expensive, right? Continue reading Making your own fabric labels or loop tags DIY

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Origin of Mippoos

Sewing, stitching, crocheting, quilting, knitting.. I’m just trying to remember all the things my mom has done or is still doing! The first time I fell in love with something my mom made, was when I was only about 18 months old and she sewed me a soft and cute hippo plush, including a ballet tutu, dress and pajamas. I named her Nelleke (a very Dutch name), but often pronounced it more like Mel-lik, which is actually where the M from Mippoos originates.

Mip·po [Mip-oh]
noun, plural Mip·poos. Informal.
A cute species of plush hippo,
first discovered in the Netherlands in 1989. Continue reading Origin of Mippoos