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The adventures of Dennis the starry giraffe

There once was a starry blue giraffe named Dennis. He led a quiet joyful life together with his other critter friends down in Mippoos town, but deep down Dennis knew was he born for greater adventures!

Little Dennis spent hours in his days daydreaming about becoming an explorer of the world, perhaps living on a deserted island for awhile or maybe even fighting a dragon some day! Ha, he sure felt courageous enough for it. But starry Dennis knew it would always stay a dream, nothing excitingly dangerous ever happened in Mippoos town!

Then one day, the village eldest had a message. Someone across wild waters needed Mippoos’ softiness and love and she was looking for a volunteer. “ME!” shouted Dennis, while all the other critters looked at him in amazement. “How brave!” muttered Scottie the dog. Continue reading The adventures of Dennis the starry giraffe

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Homemade blackberry jam

As a a kid I was always over the moon when it was the time to pick blackberries! I remember going with mom, my brother and one of our neighbours and her kids and we (the smallest kids) would crawl into the best blackberries bushes to get the most juicy fruits of them all! After picking buckets full of blackberries, mom usually made jam out of what was left after the kids’ eating frenzy. ;)

blackberries Continue reading Homemade blackberry jam

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A little fairy tale

custom stuffed hippo

A little over two weeks ago we had a very special request for a custom Mippo. It all started with a request for a purple hippo for a beautiful girl named Emma who loves two things in life: Tinkerbell and hippos. Her room is themed magical fairy garden. Emma’s mom, Krissy, was on an early Christmas gifts hunt and asked if we could make a lavender coloured hippo with a dress and a set of pajamas with roses print (or pyjamas, pjs, whichever spelling you prefer ;) ).

Continue reading A little fairy tale

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Designing plushies: a stuffed aardvark!

plushie aardvark, aardvark plushie, stuffed animal aardvark

A little while ago I asked our Facebook friends what stuffed animal we should be making next. Someone suggested an aardvark, which I immediately put on my to do list. Since I’m new to sewing, I took the pattern for the squirrel plushie I made earlier and did some sketching to get to a new pattern. No idea whether this aardvark plushie would work out the way I planned, but hey.. not bad, right? Continue reading Designing plushies: a stuffed aardvark!

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A teeny tiny laptop for my brother

First up, thank you for visiting our new website! It’s still work in progress, so don’t be surprised when things look different next time you visit. ;) Due to all this work and the fact that I’ll be off to Pukkelpop (music festival) tomorrow until Sunday, there will only be this small blog post this week.

It’s my latest FIMO polymer clay creation and I’ve made it for my brother’s 27th birthday. Continue reading A teeny tiny laptop for my brother

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New creations: expanding inventory?

Today I will be showing you my latest creations, earrings and a plushie, and a new cute plushie made by mom!
Last Monday I already showed you my little Mippo charm, made from polymer clay. Last evening I also made matching earrings! Their gloss varnish is drying as we speak, so I’ll add some photos of me wearing them next time. :) Continue reading New creations: expanding inventory?
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Rediscovering my creativity

The title says it all… I’m really rediscovering my creativity! As kid I loved to do all sorts of crafty things, with my greatest passion for drawing. When I went to high school I stopped with most of these, except drawing and I loved our arts classes. In my last two years of high school I was not allowed to choose drawing as a subject anymore, because I already had biology as an extra subject (which I loved too). So.. I quit. Not deliberately of course, but other activities gradually took over. And then I went to university, more specifically Industrial Design, where I hoped my creativity could bloom again. Continue reading Rediscovering my creativity

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Getting ready for a sewing adventure!

Last Monday I introduced you to my first sewing project, a plushie squirrel. Hand sewing this critter was quite the challenge, but I was happy with the result. And although hand sewing is an enjoyable exercise, it was time for me to buy a sewing machine. No sooner said than done I was off to Ikea last Monday evening.

I hear you thinking “a sewing machine at Ikea?”. Continue reading Getting ready for a sewing adventure!

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My first sewing project: a squirrel plushie

The title could suggest a great post about a kids activity. However, it is about me and my first sewing project (although you could sometimes still consider me a kid). Last Saturday I hand sewed my first plushie. It took me a few hours but I did it!  Continue reading My first sewing project: a squirrel plushie