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Fun read for kids: animal alphabet A

Kids love to learn about animals, especially quirky and fun facts. I’d like to feature an animal for every letter of the alphabet for kids to learn about (you can show them this post or read it to them). I’ll be looking for the more obscure, odd, weird, unknown animals. Or the cutest. Or both. ;) Continue reading Fun read for kids: animal alphabet A

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Time to learn more about creating stuffed animals!

By now you will probably know that I’m learning to sew. More specifically, I’ve started designing plushies only very recently. Today’s post is short, but sweet. For those fellow creators of softies, please pop over to This is a great website by Abby Glassenberg about sewing softies, small business, blogging and more.

Abby also wrote two books. One of them is this:

stuffed animals abby glassenberg“Stuffed animals: from concept to construction”, which I bought from Abby’s Etsy shop here, but it’s also available through Amazone (but mine is an autographed copy! :) )

It includes 16 projects and 52 lessons for learning all about plushie designing. I’ve read through the first few chapters, which are already full of tips, and I’ll certainly put my new knowledge to use when I get the time to improve the design for my Pingu inspired plushie.

So, go and explore Abby’s website!

Ps. Our 15% discount European Kids sale ends tomorrow! Hurry up and explore our shop and use coupon code “EUROPEANKIDSSALE” at checkout when buying my mom’s lovely creations! :)

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Pingu design challenge: FINAL results

Two weeks ago, Josje (a friend) and I decided on doing design challenges. Mostly because she’s very creative, but often at a loss for what to create and well.. I can always use an extra source of inspiration! As I already wrote two weeks ago, we chose Pingu as our inspiration source! Last Monday I already showed you my result, a stuffed penguin with oversized feet.

Today it’s time to show you the (overly) cute creation of Josje: Pinga, Pingu’s little sister! She created Pinga out of polymer clay and I’ve added a photo with  50 eurocents coin for size comparison.

pinga the penguin Continue reading Pingu design challenge: FINAL results

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Kids gift guide: 30 gorgeous handmade European kids items

kids gift guide donkey plushieGorgeous kids items are being handmade all over Europe. Today we’ll be showcasing our favourite items from shops from the European Kids Team on Etsy.

Last Monday we announced some exciting news: we’ve joined our first group sale! From October 1 up to October 15 you can use the couponEuropeanKidsSale for a 15% discount in participating shops from the European Kids Team, including our shop! All showcased shops are participating, clicking on an image will lead you to the selling shop! For more information about the group sale, click here

Remember, the coupon code “EuropeanKidsSale” for 15% discount is only valid until October 15th! Hurry up and go explore all participating shops! :)

Of course, we should not forget our own items. These are the three latest additions to our shop:

Great talent can be found worldwide, but we’re happy to show a little bit of European craftmanship today!

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Polymer clay fun: Mippoos earrings and pendant

It’s been crazy busy the last few weeks so I have hardly been able to try out new stuff. One goal I did set was to create another set of polymer clay Mippoos earrings and pendant, but this time for our shop and not just for myself. Up till now, we’ve been selling all my mom’s hard work and nothing made by my hands yet (I’m still busy learning to sew, though!). Continue reading Polymer clay fun: Mippoos earrings and pendant