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A little fairy tale

custom stuffed hippo

A little over two weeks ago we had a very special request for a custom Mippo. It all started with a request for a purple hippo for a beautiful girl named Emma who loves two things in life: Tinkerbell and hippos. Her room is themed magical fairy garden. Emma’s mom, Krissy, was on an early Christmas gifts hunt and asked if we could make a lavender coloured hippo with a dress and a set of pajamas with roses print (or pyjamas, pjs, whichever spelling you prefer ;) ).

Of course, we loved to see Emma’s room for some inspiration and doesn’t it look lovely? Reminds me of me when I was little! I loved, and still do, anything magical, fairy, butterflies.. but especially roses!

Fairy bedroom magical Fairy bedroom magical Fairy bedroom magical Fairy bedroom magical

After discussing some of the details of this custom stuffed hippo Krissy also asked if we could make wings.. never tried it before, but we gave it a go! We considered listing them separately in our shop, but they are quite a lot of work… but take a look at the result below!

This fairy tale of a custom order resulted in a new member to the Mippoos family: Moira ‘Tinky’ the Mippo!¬†Tinky loves fairies, roses and butterflies, just like little Emma! Her idol is Tinkerbell and she really wants to be just like her, even though she is a lavender plush hippo! (click to enlarge any of the photos)

tinky stuffed hippotinky stuffed hippo plushietinky stuffed hippo plushtinky stuffed hippo plushieTinky’s dress is mint green and decorated with little roses and lilac coloured little bells. Golden thread has been used to further decorate her dress and wings. Her wings can be taken off thanks to the elastic bands attached to them. The wings are also decorated with golden thread. She looks a little like a butterfly AND a fairy!

handmade fairy wings handmade fairy wings

And of course we should not forget her cute roses pjs!

stuffed hippo roses pajamasWhat do you think of Tinky? Can you imagine her in that gorgeous room of Emma? Speaking of Emma, we also have photo to share of this gorgeous girl. We hope she will enjoy Tinky for a long time to come!


A big thank you to Krissy! Thank you for the inspiration to create Tinky as a wonderful Christmas gift and thank you for allowing us to use your photos of Emma and her room! 

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