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A heart and beer

A heart and beer? Yep, as gift for my better half! His birthday was a little while ago and I thought it would be fun to show you my gifts for him. I do have to mention that I had the same problem most of you have: what to buy for a guy? (hey, that rhymes!)

My other half enjoys trying and tasting exclusive or special beers. Belgium beers are usually a favourite and most breweries and brands have beautiful curvy glasses. So I figured I’d buy him a set, but which to choose? For a quick idea about the choices, just google Belgium beer glasses. He can be quite picky, so I figured it would be best to let him choose. But then what to give on his birthday? Yes, polymer clay beers!

The beers are just part one of his gift. The other part is based on the fact that he travels quite frequently for his work and I really wanted to give him something to cheesy to take along on his trips to be reminded of me. What is better suitable than a big red heart with a cheesy line on it? A bit red heart with a cheesy line on it that references to the Big Bang Theory show! ;)

polymer clay heart beerpolymer clay heart beer

The heart reads “I love you more than Sheldon loves his spot” and the girl should resemble me but I think I only got the hair colour right and that’s it. ;) The idea is that he can take the heart with him when he’s away from home.

What kind of gifts do you give to guys? Any great ideas?

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