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A fun design challenge

Does anyone remember Pingu? Or have you never seen stop-motion claymated TV series? It’s about a cute penguin called Pingu, who frequently makes the noise “noot, noot!” when his beak changes into a megaphone shape. One of his best friends is Robby, a grey seal.

Pingu Robby Curling Game
Ping and Robby playing curling.

You might be wondering why I’m telling you about cute little Pingu.. ¬†Well, I have a very dear friend, and she’s very creative, but has no inspiration for what to make. We came up with the idea of little design contests! And you’ve guessed it: this week’s theme is Pingu and his family and friends! We have until next Thursday to come up with either a stuffed animal, a clay figure, a drawing… or whatever we feel fits the theme! All materials are allowed.

Thursday (October 3rd) we’ll meet for breakfast and have a little show-and-tell. Afterwards, I’ll show you guys the results. To make it even more fun, we’d even like you to vote for your favourite design.¬†Are you as excited as we are? ^.^

Also, psst.. any great suggestions for what we could make are of course more than welcome! And if anyone wants to join the challenge, please feel free to do so!!

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