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10 Ideas for using Old Bed Sheets

Why throw something away when it can still come to good use? Here are nine great suggestions found one the web and one example by us: gift wrapping! :)

1. Gift wrapping
We used a white sheet, but this would also be gorgeous with old patterned sheets! Add some ribbons for extra appeal and voilĂ , a beautiful gift! ;) And did you know that if you make a small cut in cotton fabric, you can tear a piece off in a straigth line? Makes it even more easy to create pieces of cloth for gift wrapping.

2. Apron
The fabric already had its best time, now is the time to use it to protect your clothes.

3. Summer dress
There are many free patterns to be found and the fabric of sheets is nice and thin for a summer dress (but perhaps your old sheets shouldn’t be too worn for this one. ;) )

4. Cleaning rags
Cut or tear your bed sheets into smaller pieces and use them as cleaning rags.

5. Plant protection
Store your sheets until winter arrives and cover your plants to protect them from frost.

6. Tote bag
A very easy sewing project and you can use your tote bag doing groceries instead of a plastic one.

7. Baby carrybag
Learn how to tie it and you have an easy baby carrybag from a bed sheet.

8. Crib bed sheets
Create cute sheets for your baby crib (especially if they have cute pattern or colour).

9. Protect floor/furniture
Use old bed sheets on your floor or furniture when you are painting.

10. Tents and forts
A final for this list and an option I loved when I was a kid. Humongous forts were built in our backyard (OK, they were probably a bit smaller than I actually remember them, but still: AWESOME). You should definitely consider this option if you have kids. :)

What great ideas do you have for using old bed sheets? Please share them and leave a comment! :)

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