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Mippoos: handmade hippo soft dolls and their adventures

Welcome to the Mippoos family! We’re a family of handmade soft dolls, which are special treasures to give to the loved ones in your life. Sewn with an eye for detail and made from quality fabrics. These dolls will last throughout childhood. And most importantly, our family of hippo soft dolls is definitely going to bring a little bit of happiness!


With a love of storytelling we create every Mippo hippo doll with a name and short story, which brings a deeper connection to their owners. You can follow their adventures on our blog. Every doll also has its own little doll passport, which includes a mini original watercolor as passport photo.  The passport tells a little bit about the Mippo, but has plenty of blanks to fill in with their new best friend!

McKenzie the Mippo is crazy about baking! This hippo fabric doll is looking for a new best friend. Do you know a child that loves to play chef and bake cookies all day long? It would make McKenzie so happy to have someone to make his famous chocolate chip cookies together with! And in return, McKenzie will give out lots of cuddles and smiles! Find out more about McKenzie here (opens in a new window).
Monty the Mippo hippo soft doll biker
Monty the Mippo, also known as ‘The Biker’ says: “Hello, my name is Monty the Mippo! I am the *perfect* size for cuddling: you see that space between my shoulders and neck? That’s exactly the size of your face. Next you wrap your arms around me and squeeze me tight. Does this idea make you smile? Because I’m all about bringing happiness in my slightly rugged biker look. Who do you want to make happy? I’m the perfect keepsake gift!” Find out more about Monty here (opens in a new window).

Give happiness

Would you love to bring happiness to loved ones in your life? And gift them something completely unique and high quality made that will last throughout childhood (and beyond!)? Find out which Mippo hippo soft dolls are still looking for their new best friend here (opens in a new window). And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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